Even in early childhood, the foundation for an optimal bite and a beautiful smile can be laid

Many tooth and jaw misalignments are the result of bad habits. For example, thumb sucking can cause an open bite, or the premature loss of baby teeth can lead to a gap narrowing for the permanent teeth.

Preventing tooth and jaw misalignments in good time

By timely preventive measures in the primary tooth and mixed dentition phase, tooth and jaw misalignments can be avoided, allowing the further development of the bite to proceed undisturbed. 

For early detection of progressive misalignments and malfunctions, an initial orthodontic examination at about 6 years of age is recommended.

With removable braces and smaller fixed appliances, certain undesirable developments can be slowed down and returned in the right direction

With the appropriate removable braces and fixed appliances, the natural growth of the jaw can be optimally used to correct the misalignment.

We can help your child with these: