Straight, beautiful teeth help you achieve a radiant smile

An open and friendly smile is an expression of health, success, and joy in life. Beautiful and straight teeth support the natural charm and ensure a confident and sympathetic appearance.

It is never too late for straight teeth

Even adult teeth can be easily moved. Orthodontic treatment is almost unlimited in adults - provided the teeth are free of decay and the gums have no inflammation (periodontitis).

Orthodontic treatment for adults - for better aesthetics, functional interaction in the mouth / facial area, and as pre-treatment within the framework of comprehensive dental care

For adults, an improvement in appearance through orthodontic treatment is often in the foreground.

This goal can be achieved in most cases through regulation of tooth misalignments. In cases of pronounced jaw misalignments, a combination of orthodontic treatment and maxillofacial surgery may be recommended to improve the facial profile.

Depending on the individual dental situation, orthodontics may be necessary before a prosthetic restoration (bridge / implant) in the context of a gap extension. A gap closure represents an alternative to dental therapy.

For an optimal course of treatment, an interdisciplinary cooperation is very important to us. Thus, we are in contact during the treatment with your dentist and other specialists.

You want an aesthetic and unobtrusive correction of teeth due to your professional and social situation?

This high aesthetic standard is achieved by modern orthodontics with invisible braces (Incognito / WIN) or nearly invisible splints (Invisalign).

We will be happy to advise you personally. Simply schedule a non-binding consultation in our practice. We look forward to meeting you.